2017 AACATX Annual Awards Luncheon

AACATX would like to thank all of our sponsors and everyone’s participation that allowed our 2017 Annual Awards Luncheon to be a success!

Award Winners

Lifetime Achievement Award

Gal Jumaoas

Sun Award

Most Outstanding Corporate Diversity
Program of the Year

DFW International Airport

Moon Award

Most Outstanding Public Diversity
Program of the Year

City of Dallas

Star Award

Outstanding Corporate Diversity Champion of the Year

Suzanne Cruz-Sewell
DFW International Airport

Mercury Award

M/WBE Advocate Champion of the Year

Denise D. Prather

Juno Award

M/WBE Female Leader of the Year

Josie Orosco
US Mexico Chamber of Commerce

Jupiter Award

M/WBE Male Leader of the Year

Clifton Miller

Neptune Award

M/WBE Construction Company of the Year

Samar Bashir
SMR Construction

Saturn Award

AACATX Member of the Year

Kathy Dress
PDI Green Technology

Gemini Teaming Partner Award

Miles Domagalski
Gadberry Construction

Gemini Teaming Partner Award

Harry Miller
Big Sky Construction